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Taylor, Leslie
156 Seiten, 2020, kartonierter Einband

ISBN: 978-1-73468-472-8
Verlag: Rain-Tree Publishers


Discover the Secret Health Benefits of Acerola,a Powerful Tropical Superfruit
Acerola has long been used as a superfruit for the very high amount of natural vitamin C it contains, but as this book reveals, acerola is much, much more than just the vitamin C it provides. You'll learn about the amazing "power of polyphenols" and the many health benefits polyphenols provide. Acerola delivers an incredible amount of these natural plant compounds, which have been proven time and time again through research around the world to fight free radicals, relieve oxidative stress, reduce chronic inflammation, protect cells from damage, and even help repair cells that were damaged by free radicals.
You'll also read about new research on acerola that reports it can help you look and feel younger, help you lose some weight, give you more energy, make you smarter, and decrease your risk of developing a host of chronic diseases. Most of these benefits are attributed to acerola's ability to effectively fight free radicals.
The recent growth in the knowledge of free radicals through tens of thousands of research studies is producing a medical revolution that promises a new age of health and disease management. This book explains in simple terms what free radicals are, how your built-in antioxidant system is supposed to keep these free radicals at healthy levels, the lifestyle and dietary factors that cause your built-in antioxidant system to falter, and how natural and effective polyphenol and vitamin antioxidants, like those found in acerola, can be the solution to restore your antioxidant system to optimal levels to keep you healthy and protected from disease again.
Read, learn, and join the new revolution for optimal health and wellness!